Sunday, May 19, 2013

From the Captains Collection...wartime letterheads and envelopes

Greetings everyone,
 This is the part of my Civil War collection that I like the best...given the fact that the printing equipment and other tools used to produce these items was pretty prehistoric to say the least...the quality that came out of this equipment was excellent. From the Civil War thru the Victorian period you saw some of the finest design and printing of any period in history. Today you need computers, photoshop, and a host of other magic tricks to produce printing like it was during these times.

envelope...45 star flag

Spanish american wartime envelope 1898

envelope and bank receipt...Virginia 1861

Turned envelope side of a confederate envelope...part 1

Turned envelope...other side of a confederate envelope...part 2

S.C. Upham the Union counterfeiter also produced union envelopes
to sell in his store in Philadelphia in 1861

Copy of newspaper ad for Nathan Bedford Forest and his slave trading

Nathan Bedfort Forest letterhead 1901

Nathan Bedford Forest Reunion May 1901

you can see how this envelope was made

1861...front part of an envelope made from a letterhead...see parts 2.3.

Adversity cover...printed on the back of a form

turned cover...another set of stamps and different address on the reverse