Monday, May 27, 2013

Confederate entrenchment reborn

Greetings everyone,
 When I decided to make a ghost town slot car track, the battlefield had to go. There were 2 entrenchments, one Union and one for the South. I managed to salvage one of them by cutting it out of the base, which meant it was going to need alot of work to make it right again. I decided to go all out on this one. When its done I'll use it as a display piece. The following photos are what it looked like
when I cut it out of the battlefield. The next post will be what it looks like finished.


  1. It will be a very interesting "show" !
    You create so lifeful sceneries that I'm sure you will astonish us a lot !
    waiting the next step, Captain! (I will ask for a promotion for you: Colonel or General could be a better rank !)

  2. Looking forward to seeing this one work out.

  3. Ah...the Captain at work recreating another part of his universe.

  4. What I love about your collection is the way that it continually evolves, really looking forward to this latest reincarnation.

    1. thank you michael...this entrenchment will be everything I know and learned about terrain

  5. Very cool Captain. I look forwards to seeing it finished.

  6. Fantastic! A scene full of details, is an authentic pleasure to see it. I have hanging an order of a Confederate unit, it will observe your blog for inspiration.

    A great greeting.