Sunday, August 28, 2016

Macro shots of the Undead Pirates and a Zombie? Creepy!

                                          It was amazing to see the detail through the lens....
                                             Captain Richard buried this guy!
                                                             Ready for action....
                                                                Flag waving!
                                          Out for blood..a.zombie
                                                This guy scares me
                                       Another shot of the undead coming from the grave
                                                Serious threads on this dude
                                                Somebodies got to clean the ship argh
                  Sorry about the blurriness, but look at that rock! Roots so realistic!!.
                   Thanks for looking. My dad had fun doing these in the summer of 2014.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Can anybody give me suggestions?

Hello Artists and Bloggers!

This is Captain Richards daughter Mindi Jean Verzillo here. As you know my dad (Captain Richard) sadly passed away December 10th 2014. My mom has been carefully looking after his dioramas and modeling. It is really awe inspiring. I will be taking some new photos of his work to publish here.

I was wondering if anybody had any info on what i should do with it all? Is there somewhere that would like to display it?? I have taking parts of the collection to display at my home, however my mom is moving and everything needs to be dismantled and find a new home. I DO NOT want to auction it off or have it end up where it wouldn't be appreciated or marveled at.
Anybody have any suggestions for me?

I can be reached at

Thank you!!

New pics of Captain Richards art to follow. I miss him.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hope everyone is well. Keep creating.

My daddy "Captain Richard" love creating burning or destroyed buildings. This is one of my favorites. He had since dismantled this one as everything was in a constant state of change, upgrading and reworking in the war room. It's been just over 6 months since he has passed and I miss him terribly. I hope all of his artist friends are doing well. Much love xoxo-
The Captains' daughter Mindi

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Thank you for the outpouring of support. It is giving me some comfort at this time, my dad is my best friend and i am heartbroken. -Capt's daughter

My Dad and my Grandfather with their cars at a cruise night

Captain Richard and his wife Jean xo

we have always done pumpkin carvings...this is dicks creation this year..he later carved it out too

this summer i was broken into while i walked my dogs, so my dad started following me everywhere.

We went and explored the abandoned rochester subway this summer, we had to climb down barricades and walk through garbage but it was worth it. So many talented artists here.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Message from Captain Richard's daughter

Hello friends,
   It has been a tough week for us here. The day before thanksgiving Dick (Captain Richard) fell ill and was rushed to Rochester General Hospital. He had raging Pneumonia and difficulty breathing. They had to intubate him and use pressers to keep his blood pressure up. He turned septic and his organs failed. He lost his battle on 12/10.
    My daddy was an amazing person. He was a talented artist and driven to be the best at everything breathed life into. whether it was some form of art or car related. He loved this blog and his community of artists where he could come to share his work and marvel over others. We are truly devastated over losing him, he was only 67 years old. He had recently been spending a lot of time working on the Wings of Glory game. He loved painting and setting up true to life scenes especially going back in time. He was a true Civil war buff. The basement here at my parents house can attest to that. Its as if you have walked into a museum…a breathtaking museum where you have no idea where to look first.
    I want to say thank you to all who sent him kind messages about his work…he was elated when he won the virtual medals. If anybody has any ideas of what i can do with his dioramas to honor him i would love for them to be seen and cherished by others. Maybe some kind of museum? I don't know but if anyone has any ideas they would be much appreciated. I can be reached by email.

    Thank you,

Mindi Verzillo

My Daddy (Captain Richard) and i visiting Watkins Glen Vintage races in Sept/14

My Daddy coming to save me after my Subaru started throwing codes. 

My parents 42nd wedding anniversary this summer.

Always joking around this is how most pics went….my Daddy hiding in the sunflowers :)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Up in flames

Greetings everyone,
Just setting planes on's a few shots

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Changing the looks of the towns and cities

Greetings everyone,
When I started putting down the different towns, I really didnt like the looks of them, too modern, so I changed them to the approx. time period. Heres a few shots.