Friday, June 28, 2013

Battlefield...a few shots of the first 6 feet

greetings everyone,
Just a few shots of where we are on the new build, alot more to do, this is just the start.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The battlefield starts

Greetings everyone,
 After putting all the doors where they belong the length ends up at 28 feet, the width is 30 inches . like I said before, I will not be using styrofoam. I will be using Browncraft paper, the absolute closest thing you will find to a dirt look. I'll be working on one board at a time. 6 feet 8 inches of paper, roll it up in a ball so the creases are everywhere, spread white glue and water on the door and lay the paper down. This is how this battlefield starts. A couple shades of brown along with antique white will be added after the paper dries to the board.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Coming battlefield

Greetings everyone,
 I decided I wanted my battlefield the slot car track had to go.  We're replacing all the 1950s doors in the house with new ones, SO....I've got a new table, this time I'm working right on the wood and not going thru styrofoam. I'm going to build it against the wall all around the room. I'm figuring I got about 35 feet of space in length and about 2 and a half feet in width, which frees up the center of the room. As you can see from the pics the room is quite large. I have about 40 buildings to work with.
I dont know if I'll use them all or add to them....we will see. This time around I want to make this battlefield / town as real as I possibly can.  Coming soon.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Restoring the ultimate Mustang

Greetings everyone,
From time to time I lose my way and go off in another direction...this is one of those times. In everybodys lives there are special times. One of my special times was finding and restoring this very special piece of Americana. There were 2380 of these cars built in 1966, of that only 30 were painted blue with white stripes. These cars did not go thru the normal assembly line, instead they were shipped to a hangar at the Los Angeles airport had hand assembled by a small group of very talented people. They turned a normal v8 289 in a class winning B production race car. It won just about every race it entered back in  the sixties. For $4600.00 you got a car that was rude, crude , unbelievably fast and a handful to drive. If you loved fast cars, this is one you wanted. I found this car
in a garage about 15 miles from where I live. It had been sitting there for 15 years all apart on a cement floor rotting away.  Everything that originally came with the car was still there. It took 12 months to bring this car back to better than new condition.  It won every car show that it was entered in, took it to all the cruise nights, had a blast with it for 15 years. Alot of extra things were done in the restoration,the glove box was sent to California to Carroll Shelby to sign when he was still alive.
The motor was built with race specifications that dynoed out to over 500 H.P. The historical plates were purchased from an antique dealer in Chicago. In one pic you'll see an autograph from Camee Edlebrock who I was with at Watkins Glen and has the same car. The following photos will show how this went from junk to perfection. The motor that you see in the photos, the one on the passengers side floor and the one that looks brand new is the same motor...original. There is a picture of the registrations..the 1995 was current when the photo was taken, the 1973 registration was the last year the first owner had it on the road. Actually 22 years separate the registrations. I thought that was kind of special so i left it on the window which was the original also. I just added a couple of pictures, the first one of the rear window...made of Lexan and weighs less than 4 pounds. The other picture is of the interior, the front and rear seats were original and not touched. The original tach which didnt work was sent out to get rebuilt.