Friday, May 30, 2014

Making a brick wall from paper

Greetings everyone,
A lot of the items that i have made recently are paper brick. Putting some of these things on messages boards have raised a question??? do you do this? Well I'm going to attempt to outline the steps taken and the way I build a brick wall from paper.

                                          Starting with a full sheet of bricks off the computer               

                                          First one gets cut out
                                           First one gets pasted down

                                           Pretty simple so far.....

                                          Next piece...tear off the top of 2nd piece

                                           Overlap the first piece
                                          Next piece...tear left side

                                          Paste this piece down

                                           Next piece...tear top and left side

                                          Paste this piece down
                                          4 pieces lines can be seen

                                          Take a piece of brick and paste to card

                                         Cut a few brick out of that piece

                                          Paste it down....can't see it can you?

                                          you will after you use this...Crack Shot

                                          Feather in spackling compound

                                          Next....sepia, very thin coat on spackling

                                          Water it down so that its not to heavy

                                          And there is your brick wall

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Work continues on the alleyway

Greetings everyone,
Rooftops and chimneys are added and this alley is starting to take on a life of its own. Here are some current shots.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

More work on the alley

Greetings everyone,
 I've been working on some of the little details. Researching on Google, I noticed a drain pipe coming out of a brick wall, fire cans, sewers, lights all the things that would make this look as real as possible.  Theres no planning when i do things like this, whatever pops in my head thats what I do.
Sometimes its a good idea, other times not so good. Heres some shots.