Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Changing the looks of the towns and cities

Greetings everyone,
When I started putting down the different towns, I really didnt like the looks of them, too modern, so I changed them to the approx. time period. Heres a few shots.


  1. And they look all the better for it!

  2. Another stroke of your genius, Capt.. to increase the size of the buildings. Excellent map!

  3. Fascinating! The pic with the planes flying over almost has the shadows cast by them to scale.

  4. That is a very clever method of improving the battlefield aesthetics. Just one point, though: its appearance would tend, I think, to depend upon the angle of view. Seen from the side, or the reverse angle, I'm not sure it would be quite so appealing.

    How would it look if you cut the townscape in halves, reversed one of the halves and relaid them 'top to top'. If you want perspective view from all four sides, then, with a rectangular city scape, cut it into four by cutting a short length from each end, and across the halfway point, then gluing the short pieces to the side.

    Suppose you has a 6" by 4" piece of cityscape. You would obtain a cityscape viewable from all angles by cutting in halves, and cutting 1 inch from one end of each half. Reglue the short bits to the sides and you have your 6" by 4" piece again.

    To be honest I don't really know whether it would improve the look of the thing at all, but it may be worth a look.

    1. Ion,
      Thanks for the input. I think if the table was free standing, that would be a great idea but the way this table is attached, there is only one side of the table that is playable, so there is only one side where you are looking at them. I would have done something different if the table was free standing, so you would see the houses the right way as you went around the table. That isnt the case with this setup because you cant walk around the table. That is a thought if I ever move this where its playable on all sides. Thank you for the input Ion.

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