Tuesday, May 7, 2013

From the Captains collection...Robert E. Lee

Greetings everyone,
From time to time I have put up items that I have collected over the years pertaining to the Civil War. These items here are different items from Robert E. Lee
UCV Reunion Gettysburg 1938

UCV Reunion Jacksonville Florida 1914

Cover Saturday Evening Post January 1940

Confederate War Journal April 1893
Insurance company handbook 1926

Cigarette card series 1885

Lee Gallery calling cards 1862-1870 

Cart d Visite Robert E. Lee 1865

Envelopes and 2 cards from the Lee Gallery Richmond Va. 1862 - 1870

From the Civil War Generals Series 1952

Used postcard 1928

UCV Reunion Louisville May 1900

Steroview from Mathew Brady of Lee Headquarters at Gettysburg
taken after the war and published in 1896

Funeral notice October 1870

Used postcards 1907


  1. Nice collection on a gentleman of the South.

    1. Thanks Fran, North or South...one of the greatest generals ever

  2. Very cool collection, how do you come accross to many items?

  3. Some wonderful items in the collection, thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks for sharing your memorabilia from the ACW. I find it most interesting.

  5. Fascinating collection, the "insurance company handbook" is particularly interesting to me as boringly I work in insurance. Great stuff as ever Captain.

  6. Thanks Smillie..There were 3 of them on ebay Hancock insurance...what that has to do with Robert E. Lee, Havent got a clue

  7. Fantastic collection thus far. I have just finished reading Cold Harbour by Rea and Lee was outstanding...great stuff

  8. A very nice and interesting collection of one of history's greatest.