Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Meet Morticai, Caleb and Jebidiah

Greetings everyone,
Ive spent a ton of time over at the Skull and Crown blog looking at the fantastic work that Thomas does on these wooden figures. If you haven't been there, its a must see. After seeing the work he has done on  the Nepoleonic era, I'm thinking  what a great idea for the Civil War. I purchased a couple of pieces of balsa wood and drew out 3 rag-tag confederates who represent the 4th Tennessee Infantry. I've only done 3 pieces and Its a lot of work. I can now truly understand the amount of time and work Thomas has put into this endeavor. My idea is to do at least 10 confederates and 10 union soldiers to do battle.
I doubt I'll take this any further. If you get the chance stop over at Skull and Crown and see this jaw dropping work first hand.


  1. These three look great, Richard. Well done. I've been to the Skull & Crown blog before too - impressive work. Best, Dean

  2. I'm smilin', Capt.! Great work.

  3. These are a delight Captain and what a wonderful find the Skull and Crown is; many thanks for sharing.

  4. These look just the caper for OMOG (One Man One Gun) skirmish rules (See Thorthrains). These figures have something more than mere character: they have personality. Food for thought there, too! I form the impression these are flat or semi-flat figures. Are they?
    (I seem to recall someone doing wooden French Foreign Legion figures about 15 or 20 years back). More for massed formations, not the individualist chaps such as you have here.

  5. These guys are very very cool Captain. Excellent work. Looks like too much hard work for me though!

  6. Guys thanks for the comments...Archduke, their flat pieces of balsa wood, the bases are basswood, I added the canteens and one of the arms. The pistol and rifle barrels are aluminum and they are painted front and back.