Saturday, July 28, 2012

Construction starts on a new building

Greetings everyone...
Getting bored, so I'm putting together another building. Actually I have this picture of a 19th century Yuengling Beer sign and wanted to use it, so I started with the wall its going on. All my buildings start out with cardboard strips glued to a backing board, and the wall takes shape from there.


  1. very cool right now it's like a holywood set. cant wait to see it progress from set peice to buidling

  2. A great piece of work, very cool!!

  3. Another post that makes you want to create, a great success, the result is really impressive! Next post, capt'ain, quickly please!

  4. it's always looking so simple!!!!!
    but you have a really great sense of reality in your works!

  5. You make that look deceptively simply, but what a wonderful effect.

  6. It's always looking so simple,nice work

  7. How did you do the weathering to the sign ? looks amazing

  8. Thank you for the comments...Paul, the weathering on the sign is actually pretty simple.
    Once its glued to the cardboard, horizontal cuts are made down the sign so that it looks like each piece of wood is painted, then the edges of the sign are sanded and painted to blend in with the wood. Now the sign looks like it was painted on the wall. The sign is then lightly sanded where you want it to look worn out. All your actually sanding is a piece of paper so it doesn't take much to make it look worn out. I'm working on the front of the building now.
    more shots will come shortly.

    1. Thanks for sharing this! Might come in handy!

  9. Very clever technique. Looks very effective.

  10. Very impressed with the sign method.

  11. Curious as the the type of cardboard / cardstock you use. Is it cereal box or a commercial product? Type of glue?

    Also, how do you paint it? Spray, brush, or whatever - and do you ever have a problem with the wetness of the paint and absorption / warping.

    Thanks for posting - love your work and hope to learn from it!