Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The captains clutter...no more space

Greetings everyone,
.Im running out of room, too much stuff. Id like to start other periods, like World War 1 but something would have to go...not ready for that right now. Just went around the room with a camera,
you can get an idea of what I mean about space problems.

The 2nd photo from the bottom has an interesting story. The Confederate flag from Franklin Tennessee was on Ebay 5 years ago for $6000.00 and someone bought it thinking it was real.
Dont know what happened with that transaction, it came up on Ebay a few more times,  finally a couple of years ago I bought it for $20.00.


  1. Heh! I knew it. You live and work in a museum!

  2. What a glorious sight, `i can't tell you how envious I am Captain.

  3. Not a lot of spare space there Captain! Does look pretty awesome though!

  4. Time to buy another house? Great looking stuff Cpt. I also appreciate your rust tutorial, very useful.

  5. I always wondered where you stored all of your wonderful works - some look pretty substantial in size. Wow - can't imagine someone paying $6K for something that was a fake. Hope the guy got his money back.