Thursday, September 19, 2013

Making a campfire look real

Greetings everyone,
This is how I go about making a campfire. first you need a orange L.E.D. sunk in between a few rocks.
Next you need a small piece of clear plastic glued  in next to the L.E. D. A little white glue on the plastic and cotton stuck to the glue. Theres your campfire.

Finished campfire with plastic and cotton

plastic glued next to the L.E.D. with white glue on it

L.E.D. with plastic glued next to it.

Clear plastic

Orange L.E.D.


  1. Thank you for this "enlightening" explanation.
    :) Good night. (23.15)

  2. thanks for this new "how-to-do" !!

    We will become experts too ... if we do the same !!

  3. Thanks for that Captain! It is very effective.

  4. Nice tip and thank you for sharing the idea.

  5. Thanks Shayne...maybe more people with do night shots with their miniatures

  6. It surely is! Nice work as always, Richard. Best, Dean

  7. This is so... I can't explain, really... sometimes I get shocked on how these advanced modelling features are done in such a simple way!

    Love this blog. Cheers from Portugal,


  8. Just starting to play with flickering LEDs from cheap Christmas decorations. I strip them down and put them into buildings - looks great!