Monday, September 16, 2013

Creating wild grass in Shanty town

Greetings everyone,
Creating a Civil War battlefield / town takes a while to build...detailing it takes a lot longer. The layout is over 30 feet long by approx. 3  feet wide  The following photos shows what it takes to detail less than a 12 inches by 4 inches of space.

The fur is 2 inches wide and 30 inches long

The colors used...3 shades of green and straw yellow

The fur starts out a dark brown

For the walk way all the fur is cut off and painted
two shades of brown


  1. Thanks for the little tuto.
    Maybe I will try that (just have to find fur!)

    If I've understood, it's the paint which permits that the hairs stay in the position?
    A little like hair-gel ?

    (I hope that you don't use furs from protected animals !! ;-) )

  2. Hello Sam...the paint makes the fur stand up and its not real fur

  3. Great stuff, it looks so effective!!!

  4. Very realistic - but looks like some work - which I know you're more than up to it. Best, Dean

  5. It does look simple, when a master works his magic with materials and paint. Beautiful modeling, Capt.

  6. I thank you for that Jay. I'm hoping people will try this system of creating grass.

  7. Nicely done, very realistic, and "a priori" simple...thanks for the tuto...

  8. Superbe et très réaliste, il fallait y penser !.
    Vous utilisez de la fourrure synthétique ?
    J'aime aussi beaucoup votre petit camping sur le champ de bataille...
    Bravo et je vous remercie de vous êtes inscrit sur mon blog

  9. I've always liked the fur effect and yours is a very fine example Captain!


  10. That is a wonderful effect Captain. Great stuff!!

  11. I missed this the first time around. Great tutorial, and as a devotee of craft paint I especially love it.