Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weirdness from the Captain

Greetings everyone,
 Trying to render the 1st New York Artillerys' missile launcher useless, the 10th South Carolina Airforce with its limited flying ability crashed into the already burned out Joe Youngs' Tavern.
Meanwhile sitting between the wagon factory and Union HQ the missile launcher is untouched.


  1. Looks like a lucky escape for the missile launcher, another wonderful concept Captain.

  2. Too much peach brandy before take-off. Fun stuff, Capt.

  3. Thought you might be interested.
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    No this isn't spam. Just thought you'd like this.

  4. Nice work Captain. Always wondered what happened to the Rebel airforce!

  5. Good stuff. Looks great as always.
    This should be a lesson to the Secesh to keep their feet on the ground.