Saturday, July 20, 2013

A little detailing on the addition

Greetings everyone,
Yesterday afternoon, the T.V. went out, the computer went out and the phones didnt work. Most of Upstate New York was out...boring. All I had left is a paint brush and a camera so I did a little detailing on my new addition. There will be alot more added to this as I go along.


  1. Replies
    1. Nice visual pun, Capt. + the scenery is definitely the work of Master Journeyman modeler.

  2. Really like the lighting effects, very impressive.

  3. Brilliant looking pictures, very inspired work!

  4. Hello, and good sunday morning from Finland.
    I have been following with great interest the site, after I found this.

    I have to say that it is really really very well done urban complex.
    Especially the little river, roads, etc. and buildings, more correctly the whole town still life, are worth a special mention in the job.

    If the power is missing or connection problems, up north
    We still have a bright time through the day.
    Sunrise at 16.5. at 1:41 am. Sunset 28.7. at 0:41 am.

  5. Coming along very nicely Captain!

  6. I've sy=tarted to wonder just how much more productive I would be without all the so called labour saving devices! Lovely additions Captain.

  7. Great job. Your work never fails to impress me its just fantastic.

  8. Time well spent, Richard. The detailing and photography are first class as always. Best, Dean

  9. Blummin marvelous Cap'n and I really do like your work with the kodak brownie, your photo's are such a joy to look at.

  10. Very nice Captain and the lighting effects are awesome!


  11. Very nice, Captain. Love the use of real lights, fantastic job !

  12. :) This is almost a perfect theater of war.
    Aircraft and missiles are already.
    Missing perhaps only the Confederate submarine CSS Hunley.