Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Internet flags

Hey Guys,
Most of the flags I use come from the Internet. Any flag you want is there, but It might not look the way you want it to. Usually what you get is a picture of it after a battle. So sometimes you have to rework them.
Heres a flag I want to use in the future, but I didn't want to use it  looking the way it did. So I repainted it.
The one on the left is before, the one on the right is after. If I do decide to use it, I'll make 2 color copies for front and back and put them together and not use the original.


  1. Captain. What flag did the US Marines carry in battle? I believe they were at Bull Run and a few other battles.

  2. That flag looks great now that you've retouched it.

  3. The "original" does look a bit too dark, especially the yellow braiding aroung the edges.
    These guys do a good service with free flags
    They have some ACW ones..not many but they add to the range all the time. At the top it say "flags for 25mm" or whatever but if you use word and import the flags as picture details you can enlarge or shrink to whatever scale. The good one with these flags is there is no loss of detail or colour. I´ve downloaded the WotR´s flags and resized to 20mm...I can say that they look lovely..I also got their pirate flags..for fun :-D

  4. Great work Captain. Your touched up flag looks excellent.

  5. thanks guys for the comments, I apprieciate them. Beccas, if you Google Bull Runnings, they show the flag the Marines carried at Bull Run.

  6. Very nice flag Captain!


  7. Yup the flag looks a whole lot more colourful as a result of the repaint. Good work!

  8. The detail work on flags is so hard to do. I'm very impressed by how your repainted flag turned out. Looks very sharp.