Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A few items from the collection

Hello everyone,
Here are a few items from my collection, first we have a Union campchair that was purchased at a Michigan estate sale, the back of the chair has a persons name on it which was common during the war. I cant I'd this chair to anyone individual, but there was a Pvt. Daniel Cash in the 27th Michigan Infantry.  Hey, you never know.  Also there is a shot of a Confederate flag from a 1930 Reunion, also above the flag is a frame full of Confederate Ad notes. After the war business men took all the remaining confederate notes and printed there advertising on the back, when they ran out of money they printed more money,  This bunch here is from 1900-1905. The last two pics are of my 1851 Confederate Navy black powder pistol that I just recieved about an hour ago and I cant wait to try it out. That small American flag next to the confederate flag is a 42 star 1889 flag.


  1. Nice collection mate. Let us know how your groupings go using that confederate pistol.

  2. Wow - those items are in excellent condition considering their age. The wood of the chair looks really well preserved. Dean