Friday, July 30, 2010

Confederate boxcar revisited

Well its been a while since this picture has been up ...I kind of like the way it turned out. This started life as a H.O. boxcar, well H.O. is too small for 25/28 mm.
I was looking for an S scale, which would have worked great, but I didnt have any luck.
So I have this in my hand looking at it and its small, so what I did is take a layer of chipboard (I dont know if chipboard is available everywhere...its very thin card).
and glued it on the existing boxcar and painted it black, I then cut small strips of
cardboard and put those on with a gluestick. A coat of Woodland brown was painted on the strips. The next stage was red with a drybrush in cream. The type on the sides was run off on the computer in an outline typestyle and painted to blend in with the painted cardboard strips. I like realism real as I can possibly make it. The Civil War was not pretty,so to make things neat and clean won't work for me.
Sometimes I get it right, sometimes I don't. Comments good or bad are always welcome...I can take it.


  1. Hello

    Im not much of a rail rodder but it looks pretty realistic to me. The planking is simple and very affective very worn look to it, lovely stuff cap'n.