Thursday, August 14, 2014

British Queen makes an appearance

Greetings everyone,
I knew if I mentioned anything British it would attract attention. This British Queen happens to be Havana Cigars. Popular in the U.S. in the 1870s, so much so that they made their way to outdoor advertising in the form of hand painted murals on the sides of buildings.  I did part of this wall a while back, now I just added the rest of the house. Its not hand painted but made to look like it was
with individual wooden slats painted. The artwork for the British Queen was computer generated, and slowly worked its way into the wooden slats (cardboard). The paper was run under water first to get that faded look. It was then glued to a piece of cardboard, mounted on the wall and then sliced into individual slats. The yellow paint was blended into the yellow paint that was on the image. The paper was then sanded for that worn out look (yes you can sand paper). Parts of the paint was peeled off to simulate raw wood. It take a while and a bit of work to make this look convincing. Here are some shots...