Monday, December 23, 2013

The 37th Alabama

Greetings everyone,
I'm sure that all of you have favorites that you have spent hours and hours creating, remaking, repainting.  This group of Confederate infantry , probably not my best work , but it is one of my favorites. The bases were created from glue soaked brown paper over basswood with foam outer bases painted blue for infantry. The carrier tray also has a 37th alabama flag embedded in the top layer. Each base also has a flag underneath. Here are a bunch of shots of the 37th Alabama Infantry.


  1. Hope they stop shootin' on Christmas Eve! Nice vignettes, Capt.

    Merry Christmas, Captain Richards.

  2. Splendid!! Love the paintjob, the poses and the basing, great job for the Alabama!
    Merry Christmas to you...

  3. Very nice work on these fellows. I like the dynamic in the sculpts and the way you put them together to make them act as a whole.

  4. Feliz Navidad!!!
    Que pases unas maravillosas fiestas y que Papá Noel o Santa se porte bien contigo.