Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Steve is not happy

Greetings everyone,
I looked for this on my blog, thought is was there, but couldn't find it…SOOOOOO here it is again I think. Just put a paint job on it. When this movie was made there were 2 Mustangs. One for light duty and the other did all the heavy stuff. Steve wanted to keep the one that actually did the chase, but it took such a beating the the movie company scrapped it (Yes, scrapped it) The other one was sold to its present owner for 2500.00. The present owner will not allow it to be seen or photographed. It resides in a barn in Kentucky and will not be sold  at any cost. Chad McQueen (his son) drives a replica


  1. Dadgum spider webs! Sweet vignette, Capt.

  2. Ruin and decay seem to be big lately among model builders. Crashed planes and knocked out tanks. I really like your including the Steve McQueen figure.

  3. I love the attention to detail on this, like the oil slick on the floor!

  4. "WTHF have you done with my car?!" shrieked Steve McQueen, as his horrified stare took in the nightmare before him. "Short of wrapping the thing at high speed around a tree, I can't possibly imagine how you could reduce such a noble, magnificent chariot into such pitiable wreckage! No wonder you won'r sell at any cost: no one would buy it at any price! ..."

    Not unless it were in the form of such an atmospheric vignette as this is. Excellently done!

    1. thanks Archduke…I don't know what the real one looks like now, since no one has seen it in years.

  5. Sooooooooo good!
    Excellent work, the rust efect is amazing!

  6. It's more than a great work !
    I'm speechless ...

  7. Very cool, Richard. The figure looks very much like the Cool One. Best, Dean