Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fantasy junkyard revisited

Greetings everyone,
 This month has been very uncreative on my part. From time to time I pick up this junkyard Ferrari and do a little work on it, I never consider anything finished. I had this up here in June of 2011. For the people who visit here and have never seen this, I thought I would put it up one last time. I don't know If I ever mentioned it before, but this project started when this car a 1961 18th scale Burago Ferrari that was made in Italy somehow fell off the shelf it was on, chipped the paint and lost a mirror which was never found.


  1. Very cool - lovely car. Reminds me of an Abarth Porsche Carrera from the same period. Best, Dean

  2. Poor car, so rusty and dusty! Very nice work, very impressive...

  3. it's a great work !!
    agree with Dean:"she" looks more like a Porche, strange...

  4. Auuugghh... even in miniature, the sight of a rusted-out 250 GT breaks any Tiffosi's heart!

    Anyway, great weathering techniques. Cheers,


    1. Thanks Hugo, Back in the 60s there was a junk yard in Maranello, Italy that had wall to wall old Ferrari race cars. Once Ferrrari was done racing there was no use for the car any longer. Today this would never happen and that yard in Maranello no longer exists.

  5. Very nicely weathered. Great looking piece of terrain Captain!

  6. ¡Que penita de coche!. Buen trabajo

  7. I bet it's the last time it will fall off a book shelf!

    Nice model-distressing, Capt.

  8. Finely modeled.
    The view is like from the street side or back yard.

    I've been a little worried about the plogi front line has been little quiet.
    I suspected already, the captain to have been taken prisoner.
    I was afraid that would be the cause of my dixie comment to previous page.

  9. Thanks Maximex….yes things have been a little quiet

  10. Such gorgeous masterpiece! I adore everything abandoned! Mini hugs, Natalia