Thursday, August 1, 2013

The 1st Louisiana

Greetings everyone,
 Heres a few shots of the Tiger Rifles , one of the 5 companies in Major Chatham Roberdeau Wheats' Battalion. The 1st Louisiana.  Their location is behind the light house next to the church.


  1. very good work ... and pictures like always!
    What is exactly this uniform with the striped pants and the "strange" hats?
    Are they marines ?
    I see that there are some Zouaves also.

    1. Thanks Sam...the Tiger Rifles got their uniforms from A. Keene Richards, a wealthy New Orleans businessman. He chose to outfit them in the French Zouave fashion.
      Dark blue jackets with red trim, blue and cream striped pantaloons and straw hats.
      As the war progressed these outfits were replaced by Confederate uniforms. Most of the 1st and 2nd battalions were Irish Americans.

    2. thanks for the information !
      If I remember, there were Zouaves in both sides of the ACW, maybe more in the Union side. Am I right?

      But it's quite strange that French soldiers have fought in this war !

    3. France was not involved in the Civil War. There were famous frenchmen on both sides. General Beauregard of French desent was born in Louisiana. Jerome Boneparte, nephew of Napoleon was a 2nd lieutenant in the Union Army

  2. Louisiana. One in ten = Dixieland / Dix = 10 (the old French settlements)
    The outfits are inspired by the French.
    Are perhaps even part of the French Zouaves troops.

    (But Zouaves troops were on the side of the Union, I think?)

    Russian Czar was a supporter of the southern powers.
    For example, the Russian Railways width is the same to this day.
    And since that time the autonomy of Finland was part of Russia under the
    we also have the the same rail gauge.

  3. Northern track width, which is narrower (about 10-12 cm) its obviously most of the western countries use the same today

  4. Civil War Zouaves (union side) clothing was tassel fez, and always vest and baggy the (muslim) pants.
    Maybe I am right ?

    1. Thanks!

      I have to correction. I regret the error
      Track gauge in Europe is English width , not French, and Spanish.
      Ex eastplog countries is the same as that of the USSR

  5. Very fine looking Tigers Captain. Always nice to see them boys in action!

  6. Great looking shots of a famous unit, Richard. Best, Dean

  7. Those look great Capt! I like your work!

  8. Very realistic photography Captain.