Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An Award...for me???

I want to thank Paul at Napoleonics in Miniatures and J Faria at O'Brigadeiro for thinking of my blog for this award...a total surprise and I am greatfull.

O.K. next...7 things you probably dont know about me.
     1. I've been married 39 years and have a son and daughter
     2. I had a design and printing business for 36 years.
     3. Spent a couple of years as a sargent in the artillery at Fort Sill Oklahoma 1967-1969
     4. Absolutlely love classic cars and pro road racing...owned a 1966 road racing restored 1966
         Shelby    Mustang for 15 years Been camping out at Watkins Glen for the last 25 years.
     5. I watch old movies from the 30's and 40's...especially Jimmy Cagney and Jean Harlow.
     6. Love making things for my battlefield and painting miniatures. A collection of Civil War
         memorabilia surrounds my 10 x 10 layout.
     7. A few months back I started collecting black powder revolvers...I hope to start shooting some
         day in the near future, but I probably won't...don't want to shoot my eye out.

       Now for the hard part, naming 10 blogs that I watch on a regular basis.

      5. A miniature history of the American Revolution
      7.lead,paint and the

      And theres my 10 sites...getting to these 10 took quite a while. Paul at Napoleonics in Miniature
      would have been on this list, but he has already been nominated 4 times.

       Well again I want to give thanks to those who nominated my blog...this is greatly apprieciated

        Visit these sites...they are all fantastic.

          Dick   a.k.a.  Captain Richards


  1. Your very welcome Captain R,
    What is interesting it the amount of us painting toy soldiers who have had some past experience with design/print.
    Keep up the cool painting. Any plans for some Rebel cavalry with the yellow cap?

  2. Hi Paul,
    Actually in the beginning of this blog there is a Confederate cavalry with the yellow caps..but you can never have enough rebels.

    Dick aka Captain Richards

  3. Congratulations Captain! I think your blog is fantastic! I take a lot of inspiration from it :)

  4. Congratulations,a terrific blog and well deserved. I would agree with your comment about never having enough rebels too.

  5. Congrats on a well-deserved recognition. Not only do your miniatures look fantastic, but you have an exceptionally well-designed blog as well.