Monday, September 6, 2010

4th Tennessee Infantry

Heres a group I put together last night.  Comments are welcome.


  1. Really nice! What rules system is the unit for or is it just a display? My ACW have no designation and that is a crime really, but I use them in a general sense.

  2. No rules system actually...Im in the process of making my own, taking from here and there. Eventually Ill have some guidelines in place.

  3. I love the mud effect on the base. Very nice indeed.

    I just started using an adaptation of command and colors: ancients for Civil War. The design is a great card-play mechanic that keeps the rules simple and the play fast while incorporating initiative, command control, and fun (remember that?). A full battle can be fought in about 2 hours with the flow and outcome feeling very historical.

    I just played my first game using the Civil War rules, and did a battle summary on my blog:

    Since you're a Civil War fan, thought you might like the figures as well.