Friday, June 11, 2010

Captain Richards Miniatures

I started this about a year and a half ago, And i really got into it, mainly 25 and 28mm lead figures, American Civil war, i tried plastic but there isnt enough bulk to them. need to feel the weight. I follow quite a few of the wargaming sites and I gotta say some of you are unreal. The level of perfection is amazing. I welcome any criticisim you may have.


  1. Wow, the little I've seen of your table, tels me it's epic, so alive so, realistic. Just wonderfull stuff, so are your figures.
    I so want to do ACW, but I've had big problems with painting them, they are so boring to paint, even the Confederates, I try and paint them, then after a few dozen figs, I give up

  2. Thank you very much for the comments, I value your opinion.

  3. photography, most modellers worst nightmare!
    Its worth buying a good camera with depth of feild and macro, doing a course and buying a good light set up.

    You have a wall collection I am envious of btw.

    Good luck and looking forward to some more posts.

    A quick tip enable a follower widget so we can get updates all of the time.

    Best of luck with your venture.

    Matt Williamson (bluewillow)

  4. I came all the way down backwards from the last post and wow, all the work, evreything, is amazing and unreplaceable. Captain Richard, I salute you where ever you are.