Friday, August 6, 2010

The other half of my 30th Alabama

A while back I only put up half of this unit, so heres the other half. On the bases,I did something a little different. I started with a 1/16 inch piece of basswood, I then took a piece of browncraft paper,dipped it in glue and laid it on the wood. I massaged
the paper to give it some texture. When that dried it looked like something that I could only get with clay. The painting sequence went like this: 4 shades of brown,
walnut,pinecone, autumn, toffee, then 2 shades of tan: trail tan and spice tan. The last two colors to go down was spice tan and white mix,and finish with a drybrush in antique white. I was satisfied with the way it turned out. Its the only set of figs I did this way. Hope its presentable and comments are always welcome


  1. Much better light, keep useing it for the all your comming photos

  2. I like the officer in the top hat. What manufacturer is he?

  3. I think its Rafm, they are a small 25mm, but they blend in.

  4. You can just insist the gentleman is short! I agree on the lighting as well. It makes a big difference.