Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The 20th Texas Volunteer cavalry

My confederate cavalry remake with hoofprints, a little mud and the dry dirt of summertime in the South.


  1. Hi Cap'n

    Ok I give in, why the skeleg'n? I've looked around and cant find the clue, so tell why is mr bones in there? lol


  2. I somehow wanted to incorporate my skeleton army
    in with the confederates just to see what it would look like. Im just playin...wanted to see if anyone
    noticed and you did...it means someones lookin.
    How did you make out with the confederate flag???
    If you want send me your email and ill work some up for you, just give me a size, mine are a little oversized. Just a thought.
    Hey thanks for noticing.

  3. I like how the commander is based to stand out, almost a min diorama.

    The skeleton is interesting, I personally don't mind it but I'd imagine a few people would get all bent out of shape about it... but then again they'd probably also not like your incorrectly painted buttons, wrong style haversack for that period of the war, and other "historical inaccuracies". If you like it, then leave it.

    I can't help but add that you seem to get a lot of these painted at a pretty decent pace, I envy your dedication. I seem to get side tracked too easily!

    Anyways- Nice looking figs!

  4. great work! Mr. bones adds a good bit of fun to the regiment. I especially like your basses, the old hoof prints and tall grass adds a great look. Is the guy on the left side of the base with the white flag have sun glasses on?

  5. Thanks for the nice words, no sunglasses that would be taking it a little far. I do like the idea of having a supernatural confederate cavalry.