Sunday, August 15, 2010

Civil War and Reunion items

1. 1907 postcard for General Sherman's Brigade Reunion in Shelby, Ohio
2. 1900 Robert E. Lee Reunion ribbon from Louisville, Kentucky
3. 1901 Nathan Bedford Forrest Reunion ribbon from Memphis Tenn.
4. An 1863 stereoview, a wartime postcard of Robert E. Lee's HQ at Gettysburg.
Taken on July 1st 1863 by Matthew Brady
These are a few of the items I have filling my walls, from time to time I will post a few of them. Hope you enjoy these, I know I do.


  1. VERY cool stuff! I was just looking a few days ago at a few of the pictures you have up showing some of your stuff and I was about to ask for some close ups.
    Are you sure about number 2 being for a reunion in Lexington? The reason I ask is because it says "Louisville" on it. (Being my "new" hometown I find that really interesting and appreciate you posting it here!)
    Any cool stories about when/where you acquired these?
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Pretty observant you are, I have another one from Lexington which I was looking at when I put these up. Alot of my stuff comes from collectors, If I see something I like on ebay , Ill go after it. But usually they come from people who are in the business of selling civil War items.