Sunday, August 28, 2016

Macro shots of the Undead Pirates and a Zombie? Creepy!

                                          It was amazing to see the detail through the lens....
                                             Captain Richard buried this guy!
                                                             Ready for action....
                                                                Flag waving!
                                          Out for blood..a.zombie
                                                This guy scares me
                                       Another shot of the undead coming from the grave
                                                Serious threads on this dude
                                                Somebodies got to clean the ship argh
                  Sorry about the blurriness, but look at that rock! Roots so realistic!!.
                   Thanks for looking. My dad had fun doing these in the summer of 2014.


  1. They look excellent and super-sharp through that camera and lens. :)

  2. Nice to see new releases
    what I would say?
    Hiiohoi, and a bottle of rum :)

  3. Great to see these especially with your father's trademark bases - always inspirational.

  4. Spectacular and excellent job, they look wonderful!

  5. True Captain's creations: a well thought out theme combined with original creativeness. Always a pleasure to visit his treasure room.

    1. Thanks Jay. He had showed me these briefly when he started the project. It was fun to locate them among the "army guys"
      They came aground somewhere in the south it seems!!

  6. Great work by the captain thanks for posting

  7. Stunning are doing your dad proud posting these.

  8. Great, Great, Great
    I know there's mucho mas (much more) to see

  9. So great that you are keeping this site going- a wonderful tribute

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