Friday, August 26, 2016

Can anybody give me suggestions?

Hello Artists and Bloggers!

This is Captain Richards daughter Mindi Jean Verzillo here. As you know my dad (Captain Richard) sadly passed away December 10th 2014. My mom has been carefully looking after his dioramas and modeling. It is really awe inspiring. I will be taking some new photos of his work to publish here.

I was wondering if anybody had any info on what i should do with it all? Is there somewhere that would like to display it?? I have taking parts of the collection to display at my home, however my mom is moving and everything needs to be dismantled and find a new home. I DO NOT want to auction it off or have it end up where it wouldn't be appreciated or marveled at.
Anybody have any suggestions for me?

I can be reached at

Thank you!!

New pics of Captain Richards art to follow. I miss him.


  1. See if there is a local(ish) museum or historical society that would like to exhibit it. If you are close enough to a Civil War battlefield museum, you might also contact the NPS and see if it's something they would be interested in preserving.

    1. Thanks Robert! There is a Civil war museum near me! I will contact them.

  2. I am sure a Civil War museum or cultural society would be proud to have it.