Sunday, March 4, 2012

New items from the Captains mini museum

A Confederate envelope printed on the back of a form
Three envelopes from the State Dept. and the Treasury Dept
The inside of the 2 sided Confederate envelope
1877 Grand Army of the Republic banner
Originally sold for $6000.00 as an orininal, but turned out to be a fake which I picked up for $20.00


  1. From $6000 to $20! Ouch; just goes to show how careful you have to be, if it's worth money some unscrupulous swine will fake it! Thank you for sharing some of your collection, it all helps to bring the era to life.

  2. Nice fake...cotton pickin' Blue-Bellies!

  3. I bet the guy who paid 6k for the flag was a little upset??

  4. Excellent buy on the flag. Losing 6K would hurt, the poor dude!

  5. Theres a guy on Ebay who sells guides on fake civil war items...swords, flags etc. This flag is in his fake flag guide. he says the guy who bought this is still suffering from rectal bleeding. I wonder how pissed he would be if he knew I just bought it for $20.00.

  6. Wow! Some great looking items there Captain. Love your collection and wish I could get a few pieces together for my own den.