Friday, March 2, 2012

Followers .....gone

Greetings fellow ledheads...
As of yesterday I had 300 of this morning I have 185 . 115 followers....poof gone.  Anyone else having this problem?????


  1. Not so far, but I'll watch out for it

  2. Has happend a couple of times to me; I just signed out and then back in again and voila! there they were. All very strange I grant you.

  3. I´ve lost a couple lately but not as many as that, sometimes the whole lot has dissapeared but as Michael says, log out and log back in and they come back. .. I reckon there will be a lot of new problemms since the change to google on the 1st. Don´t worry...they will come back.

  4. As Paul says, a ghost in the machine. They should return...hopefully. Just another of those blogger glitches that pop up now and again.

  5. You just gotta love blogger and all its glitches!

  6. i thought I was following you, but can't find my avatar. I singed in again.
    PS: I see two followers blocks on your blog, a normal one and one that is white.


  7. I thank you all for commenting on this dilemma...I think this has to do with google and a Mar 1st date.
    Trying to get any answers from Google or Blogger is a total joke. Peter thanks for signing in again. I have 2 blocks because the blog name is spelled 2 different ways. One whole block disappeared. Anyways, thanks again guys.