Saturday, July 9, 2011

Confederate camp

Good evening,
You have probably seen this before not too long ago, but this is totally redone.
 I'm redoing alot of both armies. As I gain more knowledge in the art of figure painting and terrain, I'll change things that I know could look better. I've redone my battlefield 3 times. Alot of the buildings are also remodeled.  Now certain pieces will get make overs. This piece also uses a terry cloth for the grass, but has static grass spread over it.


  1. It's great that when you can revisit past works to see if they can be improved upon or updated. Warm Regards, Dean

  2. Hi Captain,
    Don't know how to put this down without sounding an ass?
    I spent far (far) too much time trying to re-do tanks, figures and terrain I done years ago. I finally decided myself a couple of years back to leave whatever I had done before and move on to new items. I do admire you redoing your collection but what you have done already is excellent. I really appreciate the figures, terrain and bases you have already done (especially your dioramas) and look forward to seeing more. I guess what I am trying to say is I look forward to seeing you do more new stuff and think all your previous stuff is good enough and doesn't need redoing.

  3. Dean thank you...Paul, I thank you for the kind words...The reason I''m doing alot of them over is in the short time I've been doing miniatures
    ( about a year)I've learned alot from great people such as yourself, Dean, Matt, Sidney, I could go on and on because the talent on these blogs is sometimes unbeliveable. I look at something I did 6 months ago and I know I can make it better because of what I learned in that 6 month period.
    eventually I'll move on, but after the redos I'll look at what I've done and say its the best I can do. Again, thank you.

  4. The fire pit looks great, superb work as usual.

  5. Very cool! I really enjoy these little scenes.


  6. Excellent work as usual Captain. I also admire you for being able to re-do things. I have a real problem on that score and tend to just leave the mistakes as they are.

  7. Another superb little diorama - I also really like the pic at the top of your blog of the Reb painting on the battle honour!

    I think Paul has a point about your work being top quality already. Personally I would love to see more figures especially whole units because I love your painting style. Some big regiments would be impressive I think!


  8. Excellent work captain ! as always !