Monday, October 22, 2012

More items from the Civil War

Greetings ledheads,
   Im waiting for a few figs to arrive so I have nothing to do, so Ill put some items up that I think will be of some interest.
Harpers Weekly April 2nd 1864. developing the Soldiers Cemetery
at Gettysburg. At this time 3100 Union soldiers were reburied from the battlegrounds.
Evergreen Cemetery which is behind the Soldiers Cenetary still had shattered
headstones in April 1864. The Confederate soldiers were not moved until 1872.

Harpers Weekly July 8 1865. Exterior view of the cells in which the
conspirators are the time this paper came out they were dead and buried.
Old Abe...this card was sold for 15 cents to benefit the Great Sanitary Fair
in Chicago which opens May 30 1865. This card was printed before that date.
  Old Abe was still flying. He flew over the confederate army screeching
and scaring the hell out of the confederates. He flew with the 8th Wisconsin
in 38 engagements from 1861 thru 1865.

Gunpowder can from the American Powder Mills, Boston 1863


  1. Thanks for these some interesting pieces of history there

  2. Wow!! Very very cool Captain. Thanks.

    1. Thank You Rodger...I thought you might like that paper on gettysburg

  3. You really have a stunning collection Captain, just love the gunpowder can.

  4. Thanks Michael...I just got that can a few weeks ago

  5. Thanks, Capt. for sharing some more of your collection with us.