Monday, November 14, 2011

Real Eye Candy

I know, I know, whats this have to do with the Civil War...well nothing, but If you like cars like
I do, in  particular extremely fast ones, you will love this one. A 1966 Shelby mustang, one of 2300 built in 1966. I bought this car as a basket case in 1993. My goal was to vintage race this car as it was eligible to run B production. Sitting in a garage for 20 years, it needed alot of work. One good thing was , all the original parts were there. The block, the original 289 was sitting in the front seat. The carborator was under the gas pedal and the pistons were in the trunk. The original 3 inch competition seat belts were also in the trunk. Long story took about a year to restore it to near perfection. The glove box was sent to California for Carroll Shelbys signature.The car was totally documented with every bit of paperwork from the day it left the factory. The car was not user friendly and very scary to drive. This car would make your heart pump real fast. The original 289 was built to make it a legal B production race engine.  500 horsepower with an original Paxton blower in a car that weighed 2800 pounds. I kept the car for 13 years, drove it every chance I could, all the car shows and cruise nights. It got to the point the car was too expensive to keep, so I sold it to a collector in Indiana. Enter the Subaru WRX, another badass for alot less money.


  1. Richard:

    That was quite a switch from an American classic to a Subaru (fast as it must be). You sure restored the Mustang to pristine condition. Best, Dean

  2. That is one very beautiful pony Captain.

  3. That's one awesome car that I could only dream to own! I personally would never had exchanged it, but if your happy then that's all that matters.
    Fantastic job!


  4. Wow that is a beuty captain, I've just upgraded my ride from a diesel trundling estate to a 2.5 V6 Rover that (for me) is super fast, nothing like as quick as your monster though.

  5. My word Captain you are a man of many talents and quite considerable taste.

  6. Things that make you go brrrm.

    The Rex would be a much less scary if the steering wheel needs to be engaged ;-)


  7. Superb, Not exactly sure what I am looking at but it looks great!!

  8. Nice! Happened to me too,my Austin Healey was a heart break,still dream about that car.


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