Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Swamp

This is one of the favorite sections of my battlefield...The Swamp, located by the covered bridge in front of the confederate campsite. As you can see in the photos a dead soldier in the water. The rocks are real as are the trees, which are actually upside down weeds.  I like realism, the more real it looks the better I like it. Im constantly changing sections here and there until I get it as real as possible.
Comments are always welcome.


  1. Really good. It took me a while to spot the dead bloke. It was like looking for wheres wally.

  2. Your table never ceases to amaze me, it got EVERYTHING,

    You don't happen to have a desert island with pirates on it? Burring tresure?

  3. LOVE the water effect!

    How do you achieve it?


  4. Hi Matt,
    Its gloss varnish over triple thick glosskote.